SAC Bond Forms

One of the central mandates of the Surety Association of Canada is a commitment to provide owners, contractors, and other industry stakeholders with workable and responsive surety solutions to their many and varied contract security challenges. As part of that effort, the association has created and published a series of surety bond wordings that respond to specific needs of the industry and demands of the marketplace.

Some of these bond templates are for broad general use (e.g., the SAC 2021 Bond Forms), while others were designed to respond to specialty/niche circumstances (e.g., IPD Bond). Whatever their purpose, each SAC generated bond form was developed after extensive consultation with the affected industry stakeholders and drafted with the objective of providing effective protection that is fair and balanced.

The following bonds are available for general use at no extra charge:

  1. SAC 2021 Enhanced Bond Forms - NEW!
  2. SAC 2012 Performance Bond
  3. SAC IPD Performance Bond & User's Guide
  4. SAC Multi-Year Renewable Bonds
    a. Multi-Year Performance Bond
    b. Multi-Year Labour & Material Payment Bond
    c. Multi-Year Maintenance Bond (Stand Alone)
    d. Multi-Year Renewable Maintenance Bond (Performance Bond Companion)
  5. SAC Standard Pre-qualification Letter
  6. SAC Dual Obligee Rider
  7. SAC Headstart Subcontractor Performance Bond