A.C.S.B. Designation Program - Frequently Asked Questions

For Current University of Toronto SCS Students:

I am a current student, so what do I need to do?

Current students of the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (SCS) who are continuing to take courses to complete their A.C.S.B. Designation will be required to register with McMaster University Continuing Education. Register here: https://mcmastercce.ca/.

How do I apply the courses that I’ve already taken towards my Designation?

Students who have already completed some of the required core and/or elective courses should request an SCS transcript to be sent to SAC’s Head Office which will be held on your student file until you have completed the remaining courses.

Information on requesting a transcript and the associated fee can be found here: https://learn.utoronto.ca/sites/default/files/2018-11/Transcript%20Order%20Form.pdf

For Prospective Designation Candidates:

Is the A.C.S.B. Designation Program different now that it has transitioned to McMaster University Continuing Education?

With the transition of the program to McMaster University Continuing Education, the structure of the A.C.S.B. Designation Program will remain the same. Students will be required to complete four (4) core courses and two (2) electives through a distance/online learning platform. Please refer to McMaster University Continuing Education’s list of courses found here.

Who should take this program?

The program examines surety bonds and the suretyship process in some detail and was designed as a learning vehicle for students who plan on embarking on a career in the surety industry.

While it’s not intended for individuals in other disciplines or industries, students from outside the surety world are free to take these courses if they wish. For those who seek a more basic knowledge of the fundamentals, we refer you to the Surety Association of Canada Online Learning Centre.

I am a new student interested in taking the A.C.S.B. Designation Program, how do I register?

First, students should download and complete the A.C.S.B. Application Form and mail their completed form to SAC’s head office along with a one‐time, non‐refundable program application fee. The form and details on the application fee can be found here.

An application form and payment can be mailed to: Surety Association of Canada, 6299 Airport Road, Suite 709, Mississauga, ON L4V 1N3.

Once received, students will then receive a confirmation email, at which time they will be required to register through the McMaster University Continuing Education website for an upcoming course.

How much does the program cost?

Program registrants are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable program application fee. Employees of full member firms pay $200 and employees of affiliate member firms pay $400. Non-member firm employees pay $1,000 to enroll in the program. 

Once enrolled in the program, Students are also responsible for submitting payment directly to McMaster University Continuing Education for each of the six (6) courses that are required to complete to be considered for the designation.  Note: McMaster University Continuing Education sets individual course fees. Prices fall between $700 to $800 per course.

How will the courses be offered?

The courses are offered through a distance/online learning platform.

Course materials are available through the McMaster University Campus Store here: https://campusstore.mcmaster.ca.

Are exemptions available?

Yes. Students can apply for an exemption from the course, which is now titled: Introductory Financial Accounting (ACC 925); please see McMaster’s course list for more details.

To be granted an exemption, students must submit appropriate documentation including a certified transcript from an accredited post‐secondary educational institution where they successfully completed an equivalent course. This should be submitted to SAC at the time of registration in the program.

If students are granted an exemption, they are still required to complete five (5) courses; three (3) core courses and two (2) elective courses.

Are any other exemptions allowed?

No other exemptions will be allowed. Please note that work experience cannot be used toward exemptions from any of the courses.

How long do I have to take all 6 courses?

In order to receive the designation, students are required to complete the required course work within eight (8) calendar years from the time of registration in the program.

I finished the 6 courses – can I start using the designation?

No. After successful completion of the six (6) courses, students must provide a certified transcript from McMaster University Continuing Education and/or the University of Toronto SCS for courses taken prior to January 2020 to SAC’s head office. These transcripts will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator and those meeting the requirements will be submitted to the SAC Board of Directors for approval. The designation only becomes “official” once the board has given formal approval.

I changed employers during the program – does that matter?

No. Just let SAC know at the end of the program who you were working for when you first registered and who you’re working for when you have completed all your courses so that we can update your student file at SAC’s head office.

Can I take this program in French?

No. Currently the program is only offered in English, but SAC is investigating the possibility of offering this program in French.

I have more specific questions, who can I speak to?

Please feel free to contact the Surety Association of Canada directly at (905) 677‐1353 or by email at surety [at] suretycanada.com.

McMaster University Continuing Education can also be reached at (905) 525‐9140 ext. 24321 or toll free at 1‐800‐463‐6223. Emails can also be sent to surety [at] mcmaster.ca.