Are you currently exploring options to invest in the advancement of your career? Have you ever considered taking the A.C.S.B. Designation Program?  

Now offered in partnership with McMaster University’s Centre for Continuing Education (CCE), the Surety Association of Canada’s Associateship of Canadian Surety Bonding (A.C.S.B.) Designation Program aims to provide students with a theoretical and in-depth practical understanding of suretyship.

Students are required to complete six (6) courses (four (4) core courses and two (2) electives) which are delivered through a Distance/On-line Learning structure. 

Upon successful completion of the program the designation of Associate of Canadian Surety Bonding (A.C.S.B.) will be confirmed and granted by the Surety Association of Canada. In addition, students may also qualify for the Associateship in Canadian Surety Bonding Academic Certificate from McMaster University Continuing Education. More information can be found here: 

Registration for the Winter 2020 term is now open!

For students who were previously enrolled in the program through the University of Toronto, please note that you will now be required to create a new student account through McMaster University CCE’s website so that you can register for further courses. 

New students to the program would need to register with McMaster University CCE and will also be required to complete a program registration form which should be sent to SAC’s Head Office along with a program application fee. 

CLICK HERE for A.C.S.B. Designation Program Registration information.

CLICK HERE to register for a course on the McMaster University Continuing Education website (note: you will be directed to an external website).

For any questions, please feel free to contact us at surety [at] or by calling our office at (905) 677-1353.