Steward of Suretyship Award

In March of 2006, the Board of Directors of the Surety Association of Canada established the Steward of Suretyship Award to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the surety profession over the course of their career.  The Steward of Suretyship Award is only presented when a candidate who merits its receipt is brought forward for consideration.

Nomination Process

Any officer or employee of a Surety Association of Canada member firm may submit a nomination for the Steward of Suretyship Award.  Nominations must be submitted to the Chair or the President of the Association no later than July 31st each year to be eligible.

We urge all members who were mentored by a surety stalwart to consider that person for nomination.

A nomination should take the form of a written submission, no more than two type-written pages in length.  The submission should set out in detail why the nominator believes the nominee should be awarded the Steward of Suretyship.

A candidate must demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • High ethical standards.
  • Well-respected by clients, peers, competitors and partners.
  • Recognized as a true professional.
  • Successful in the conduct of their business.
  • Ability to look beyond their own success by participating in the development of the surety industry through active involvement in industry issues and support of the activities of the Surety Association of Canada.


The Executive Committee of the Surety Association of Canada shall act as the judging panel and will choose the winner(s) from the nominations submitted.


The Steward of Suretyship Award will be presented at the Annual General Meeting held immediately following the individual’s nomination.


Steward of Suretyship Award Recipients

To date, 22 distinguished individuals have been recognized:


  • Eberhard R. (Dick) Amann
  • Anthony G. (Tony) Breuer
  • Robert (Bob) McClellan
  • James Ranson
  • Patrick Webb


  • Leo C. Ell
  • Barry K. Peters
  • Pierre Surprenant


  • Kenneth C. Scott


  • Claude Baillergeon


  • Gary Corby
  • Gerald Kuehn
  • Lloyd Stewart-Patterson


  • H. Robert (Rob) Maddock


  • J. Brian Hall


  • Benoit Bisaillon
  • David Dykes


  • André Giasson


  • Tom McCallum


  • Pierre Lemoyne


  • George Petropoulos


  • Katia Strongolos

2020 & 2021

  • (Not presented)


  • Brian Logan